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Author: Cargopooling Inc. (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: November 1, 2016 1:23 AM
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Downloads: 264
License: Apache License, Version 2


A lightweight MVC Framework developed in CFML.
Easy to configure it and without dependencies (IOC or ORM).

Compatible with the ModelGlue XML configuration, Controllers and Views with very small edits (if required) for a easy migration.


Configure it with a programmatically configuration or create a custom configuration file with a custom parser.

Configure all framework parameters into Application.cfc this variables.

You can caching single event or single view with a different configuration.
Cache storage is two different types:

Simple Timed Cache (Stored in Application Scope)
Advanced Cache (Stored with EhCache and can shared in Cluster with Terracotta)

Command to flush cache without restarting the framework.

You can decide which content type to return for each event handler executes.
(text/html,text/xml,text/json and so on)

Manage the conflicts when it has views with same name. (overwrite,append,prepend)

Advanced URL manager for manage Apache URL Rewrite management (index.cfm/params isn't managed)
You can manage different host or complex url with a custom position pattern and dynamic data.

Return HTTP Status when happen a missing event (404) or an exception (500) also when is been defined an error page.

You can connect to ColdSpring or others IOC frameworks directly in Application.cfc

Manage onApplicationStart, onSessionStart, onSessionEnd of Application.cfc events directly into the event handlers configuration.


What updates are contained in new version

You can to use the alias tag to manage multi-language websites.

E.g: index.cfm?event=about-us or index.cfm?event=chi-siamo will show the same page.

For redirect executed by result tag, you can set a status code.

E.g: result name= resultName redirect= true statuscode= 303

You can use the event-handlers to serve REST.

To enable it set rest attribute to true and set method attribute with ( GET | POST | PUT | DELETE )
E.g: event-handler name= rest-event access= public rest= true method= POST contentType= application/json

Last Update:

Added alias tag, rest and method attributes to event-handler tag
Added statuscode attribute to result tag


ColdFusion 10+
Railo 4.1+
Lucee 4.5+

For enable the Advanced Cache is required CacheManagement lib.

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